Southwest Florida Housing Market

The Local Housing Market

We’re not afraid of the current housing market in Southwest Florida, we’re excited. There’s never been a better selection with more motivated sellers than now! This is your chance to get a terrific vacation home, rental property, or second home. Not only are the prices at can’t-lose levels, but homes on the market are coming with extras to spare.

Now is the time to buy…

Whether you are ready to retire or “thinking ahead”, now is the time to buy your second home in Florida. There are numerous new communities offering maintenance free lifestyles to fit your dreams. We are offering the opportunity to own a home allowing you to go boating, fishing, golfing, tennis or simply walking in the sunshine every single day.

Buy now and offset your expenses with seasonal rentals, until you are ready to enjoy your place in the sun on a full-time basis. Or buy now to enjoy a few months out of the cold weather each year. Or, go back and forth to your children and grandbabies throughout year without worrying about maintaining a home in Florida. Buy in a community that takes care of everything for you.