Have your finances in place Prepare your deposit and Loan Approval Letter

Before looking, talk to your lender and know ahead of time how much money you will have to spend, including down-payment, closing costs, and potential customization and/or upgrades. Decide which loan option is best for you and have the lender prepare approval letters. Doing so before searching save time and energy by narrowing your choices to homes you can comfortably afford. It also brings power to the bargaining table, because you are a strong buyer who can close a deal quickly. This can save you money and time.

Plan your move ahead

What is your transition plan? How much time do you need to leave your current home? Are you the kind of buyer who will need time to paint and re-floor any home? Investigate temporary housing needs and transportation costs. We can help connect you with reliable companies here that can assist you.

Prioritize important features

Florida housing can be very different than “up north”. There are considerations and benefits you will want to rank as either important or unimportant to you. Is golfing a part of your lifestyle? Investigate the courses and sharing agreements available in various communities. Be aware of hurricane protection measures and whether the homes you investigate are prepared. Know the flood zone of a property, which can affect whether flood insurance is required. Is a pool necessary, or will the community benefits suffice? Our experience realtors can help you determine whether a home is a hidden gem, or has serious gaps to surprise you later on.