You are not completely at the mercy of the market, even when the market favors buyers. A prepared home sells faster and for more money with some simple preparations.
Maximize your home’s value

Buyers are typically looking for certain qualities when they tour a home: spaciousness, upkeep, and a good fit for their lifestyle. You may think these are fixed elements, however, you can maximize how buyers view your home with a few simple actions.


De-cluttering your home can be the single most effective selling effort you can make. An uncluttered room appears larger and cleaner. In addition, it is easier for buyers to picture their furnishings in a home that is cut down to basics. Pack up items that are un-necessary, and overly personal. Think hotel room or model home. Try to make every storage space look roomy by cutting down on contents as much as possible. You have to pack it anyway – you might as well pack it now reap the benefits.


Moving is tough enough. Buyers prefer a home that does not require lots of work to make it livable. Even simple repairs on your end can make a home much more attractive and valuable to a buyer. A coat of paint in a neutral color, some putty or filler, patched screens, are a minor fix for you, and can earn you more than it cost to fix in the long run. Replacing flooring, however, may be better served as a line-item during closing, so the buyer gets what they want. 

Great Photos

So many buyers do their ‘shopping’ online and depend heavily on photos of the property, inside and out. Better photos mean greater exposure, greater interest, and more qualified buyers.